Monday June 21st, 2010

More Feed

When I mentioned the Feed archives last week, I was premature in naming two friends of mine that wrote for the site. Once I started digging deeper into the archives, I realized that many people I know deserved acknowledgment as contributors: Jason Zinoman, Deborah Shapiro, Lauren Sandler, Lisa Levy, Matt Weiland, and Aaron Retica, to name a few. While they were writing on the online frontier, I’m pretty sure I was watching SportsCenter somewhere outside Dallas.

If you haven’t yet, take some time to browse the site’s offerings on books. They include Alex Star on Philip Roth, Tom Wolfe, Jonathan Franzen, and the anxieties of the American novelist; Adam Kirsch on the children’s writing of Oscar Wilde; and Lisa Levy on the journals of Sylvia Plath.