Tuesday May 18th, 2010

The Cherry & the Pit

A continuing series that highlights books recently acquired by publishing houses for future release. Each post features a book we’re looking forward to, and a book we’re . . . not.

The Cherry:

Illustrator, artist, and film animator Bill Plympton’s Independently Animated: The Life and the Art of the King of Indie Animation, conveyed through illustrations, pictures and text, beginning with his rudimentary drawings on the kitchen table in Portland, Oregon, at the age of nine through his move to New York, his Academy Award nominations and on through his numerous short and feature length films that have won kudos at film festivals around the world.

The Pit:

Tyra Banks’ young adult fantasy series Modelland, about a teenage girl who finds herself competing for a way of life that’s both hotly desired and woefully out of reach at an academy for Intoxibellas, the most exceptional models known to humankind.