Wednesday March 10th, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

1-candleThe Second Pass launched a year ago today. I wanted to thank everyone for reading and getting the site off to such a great start. At the risk of turning this into an Oscar speech, I also have to thank Jennifer Maas for all her hard work; Strath Shepard for his dedication and his brilliant design; Charles Hunt for his generosity and encouragement; and all the site’s contributing writers, whose collective work I would put up against anyone’s online or in print.

In order to celebrate, I asked several friends of the site to write about their favorite out-of-print book, and that feature has been posted on the Backlist today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the year, and that you’ll continue to read and to spread the word. Remember, if you make purchases at Amazon after linking there from The Second Pass, a percentage of your purchase will help support the site. The bottom of every review features links to Amazon pages, and they’re often embedded in blog posts, too. If a book is rare and you need more options—as you might, for instance, if you want any of the books mentioned in today’s Backlist feature—there are many great places for used books online: AbeBooks, Alibris, and Biblio, to name three.