Thursday August 20th, 2009

Miley & Holden, BFF

I hope to accomplish two things with this post: 1. Make your day a little lighter. 2. Increase site traffic by roping in unsuspecting tweens who constantly Google Miley Cyrus. Ladies and gentlemen (and tweens), the latest literary thoughts of Ms. C.:

Let’s get back to your favorite obsessions… What was the last book you read?
I’ve just finished reading a book called Catcher In The Rye. It’s a really great book. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. It’s by JD Salinger and it’s a bit of a classic.

What makes it such a good book?
It’s a really good story. Plus, when I was reading the book, I thought that I was a little similar to the main character. He over-thinks everything and I’m like that.

What do you over-think?
In the book, this guy is obsessed with a girl called Jane – and I can be exactly like that when it comes to boys. I’ll be thinking, ‘I really hope they like me.’ And I’ll stress and stress and stress about it.

(Via Mark Athitakis)