Thursday July 9th, 2009

Canon Commentary

At long last, The Second Pass blog now features a comments function. (For now, you have to be on the blog page to see it and use it, as opposed to the homepage.) So this post is the place to express any opinions you might have about the feature that went up on the Backlist today. I’ve gotten a few direct responses already. One reader who “slogged through” D. H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow in college wrote: “I had banished it from my mind, and now…it comes horribly horribly back.” Another defended William Faulkner, writing that “Absalom, Absalom isn’t purple, it’s deep purple, and, like the band, transcends its own absurdity. But it’s a lot better than ‘Smoke on the Water.’”

So, thoughts? Is White Noise your favorite novel and you think we’re crazy? Did you find On the Road as disappointing a guide to living as we did? And most importantly, what acclaimed books would you add to the list?