Thursday July 9th, 2009

Cleaning While Pregnant and Other Marvels from the Public Library

clothingdisabledpeople1Thanks to a friend, I’ve discovered the blog Awful Library Books. In addition to the elegantly designed volume at left, it features a post about Moving Through Pregnancy, Elisabeth Bing’s 1975 work about staying active while carrying a baby. It includes this firecracker of a paragraph, opposite a photo of a very pregnant woman vacuuming:

With all due respect for the liberation of women, someone has to clean the house and do all kinds of boring chores. Actually those jobs don’t take too long, and this photo shows Judith with the vacuum cleaner. Look at her closely and see the excellent posture she maintains as she walks around the room, pushing the machine on the carpet. Her shoulders are relaxed, her head is high, and in doing this rather boring but occasionally necessary job, she is aware of watching her posture and supporting her baby well with her abdominal muscles.