Wednesday April 1st, 2009

In the Ether

Robert Crumb has finished his take on the Book of Genesis, which promises to redefine sacrilegious. (”My problem was, how am I going to draw God? Should I just draw him as a light in the sky that has dialogue balloons coming out from it?”) . . . The Morning News wrapped up its Tournament of Books with a final match-up of Tom Piazza vs. Toni Morrison. See who prevailed. . . . In case you missed it, the New York Times ran a graphic book review. The wave of the future? . . . According to Buzz Girl, Sarah Palin is “reputed to want $11 million to tell her life story.” Good luck with that. . . . In more appealing forecast news, this fall will bring new novels by Jonathan Lethem and Lorrie Moore. One reader looks forward to Lethem’s latest, while questioning his strategy.