Tuesday July 26th, 2011

The Tao of Whatever

From all I’ve heard and read, I can’t say I’m eager to further explore what Tao Lin offers, but this report by Daniel B. Roberts for the Morning News is an interesting take on Lin and his largely ignored “web fiction factory Muumuu House”:

In addition to Tao Lin, the Muumuu gang unofficially includes Brandon Scott Gorrell, Zachary German, Noah Cicero, Megan Boyle, and 20 other contributors. They are Lin’s literary army. Save for an early Nylon spread, the mainstream media’s lack of interest in Muumuu outside of Lin has in a sense functioned like a self-fulfilling prophecy, as though, since their work often reads like blogs and Twitter feeds, it should only be discussed in blogs and Twitter feeds. Perhaps that’s fair, since most of what’s on the Muumuu site is eerily similar. If you cover up an author’s name, you won’t know who wrote what.