Monday November 15th, 2010

The Cherry & the Pit

A continuing series that highlights books recently acquired by publishing houses for future release. Each post features a book we’re looking forward to, and a book we’re . . . not.

The Cherry:

Mitchell Duneier and Alice Goffman’s Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, the Spread of an Idea, a brief, pointed account of the ghetto as a contested place and idea — in early modern Rome and Venice; in the Jewish immigrant colonies of early 20th-century America; in Nazi Germany; in Chicago after the great migration; in the neighborhoods that spawned hip-hop; in Muslim communities across Europe; and in Gaza; a largely unknown story of a concrete place and a controversial notion with consequences.

The Pit:

Robert Vetere and Valerie Andrews’ From Wags to Riches: How to Succeed in Business by Unleashing Your Inner Dog, how to motivate others — as well as yourself — by unleashing your inner dog; tap into your own “canine IQ” and discover why man’s best friend is rapidly emerging as the new executive and life coach.