Thursday October 21st, 2010

In the Ether

mcguaneThomas McGuane’s new novel, Driving on the Rim, is just out, and Charles McGrath profiles him for the New York Times: “There’s a view of Montana writing that seems stage-managed by the Chamber of Commerce — it’s all about writers like A. B. Guthrie and Ivan Doig. It used to bother me that nobody had a scene where somebody was delivering a pizza.” . . . Richard Ford’s next novel is going to be set in Canada. And called that, too. . . . Scott Pack recently wrote that, in honor of his 40th birthday, he’s going to blog about “the 40 books that have most moved, delighted, astounded, impressed and entertained me since I emerged screaming in the maternity ward of Rochford Hospital in 1970.” The first two have inspired strong posts: a memoir by Frank Muir and a sci-fi novel Pack read as a boy. . . . By and large, I think book trailers are an enormous waste of time. But I like John Lanchester, and I like this book trailer. Do I like it as a book trailer? Well, the philosophy of all this deserves a separate post sometime. . . . Greil Marcus and Sean Wilentz, each with a book about Bob Dylan recently published, discuss Mr. Zimmerman with James Mustich. . . . If you’re in New York tonight, there’s a Bookslut event in Brooklyn that sounds like fun. . . . Alexander Chee writes about teaching the graphic novel, and which ones he taught: “[I]n my experience over the years, there are few things more politically dangerous within an English Department than teaching something popular with students.” . . . The Millions links to a sign of the times in a Barnes & Noble store.