Wednesday September 1st, 2010

In the Ether

ufoMark Pilkington recommends 10 books about UFOs that are “either informative, entertaining, puzzling or all three at once.” . . . Lorin Stein discusses the art of the Paris Review’s famous interviews, and offers a peek at a few future subjects. . . . Penguin launches a new monthly radio series, “The Literary Life,” with guests Rosanne Cash, Maile Meloy, Doug Dorst, and Sloane Crosley. . . . Independent book sellers recommend 40 books from independent publishers that they will be recommending to customers over the next few months. . . . Andrew Pettegree is interviewed about the advent of printed books. (“There’s quite a little similarity in the first generation of print with the dot-com boom and bust of the ’90s.”) . . . Sad news to long-live-print folks like myself: The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary will be available only in e-form. . . . Jonathan Lethem talks about leaving his beloved Brooklyn for California. . . . I’m going to start reading the work of Thomas Bernhard soon; perhaps as soon as this afternoon. Scott Bryan Wilson offers a checklist of his work. . . . Rick Gekoski on “how to be a good literary loser.” . . . Ian Hocking, novelist, writes movingly about the decision to stop writing fiction. (“Someone wrote – [Stephen] King again, I think – that a writer is a person who will write no matter what. In other words, if you lock them up in a cell without pen or pencil, they’ll write on the wall in their own blood. I didn’t believe that when I read it and I don’t believe it now. Even Stephen King comes to a point when the blood dries up.”)