Tuesday August 17th, 2010

In the Ether

updiketimeAt The Millions, Craig Fehrman presents the history of authors on the cover of Time magazine, in honor of Jonathan Franzen’s appearance this week. It does seem like a (very broad) argument for the decline of the author in pop culture: Just five have been on the cover since Bill Clinton took office. You’ve got to hand it to Time, though — more than three years before Miami Vice premiered, they had John Irving doing a pretty decent Sonny Crockett impersonation. . . . If you think a better title for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein would have been A Zombie Learns French, then this site is for you. . . . Lewis Lapham gets big points for this: “I’m extremely fond of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. I love Car Talk.” . . . This 2007 piece about writers and the fonts they love is making the rounds again. (Caleb Crain: “My goal has always been a legible font with a neutral personality, as appropriate to flower arranging as to triple homicides.”) Several prefer Courier or Courier New. I’m a Georgia guy myself these days. . . . A snazzy proposed cover for the screenplay of Reservoir Dogs. . . . If you’re in New York and looking something to do on Friday night, the online literary journal Open Letters will have a reading at Housing Works to celebrate the recent publication of an anthology of the site’s writing.