Tuesday August 3rd, 2010

Heeeere’s Darcy!

shiningJuliet Waters has a great idea. Like many of us, she’s tired (to the point of collapse) of Jane Austen vs. Mothra, or whatever other nonsense is being published this week. Waters writes:

Jane Austen hated horror. The first novel she ever completed (though it remained unpublished until after her death) was Northanger Abbey. It featured a heroine enthralled with The Mysteries of Udolpho, a popular gothic novel of her era. Catherine Moreland does not, however, overcome supernatural obstacles to land a handsome hero. Instead her poor taste in fiction almost costs her a good man who writes her off as a half brain. (She is, and remains, a half brain. But this being a novel of its time, he must marry her anyways.)

Her great idea is to reverse this trend, and to “Austenize” classic horror stories. Her proposed take on The Shining is called Redrum Park:

Poor Mrs. Price. She thought she’d married a good man, but he turned out to be the worst sort imaginable, a writer. One day she finds her young daughter, Fanny, tricycling up and down the hallway babbling dyslexically. She sends her to live with her sister Lady Bertram and her family, who live at Redrum Park.

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