Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

More Attention for the Under-40 Set

Britain’s Telegraph responds to The New Yorker’s recent list of 20 notable writers younger than 40 with a list of its own. I hadn’t heard of eight writers on the list, so it’s an education, at least. One of those writers, Joanna Kavenna, has evidently been described as “Dostoevsky meets Bridget Jones,” just in case you needed your head to explode.

I was dreading to see someone born in 1985 or 1986, which would have given an extra kick to my thoughts of mortality. But only Evie Wyld had the temerity to be born in the eighties, and 1980 at that.

The Millions also recently got in on the game, unleashing a “20 More Under 40″ list. I’ve heard of all 20 on that list, but have only read a handful. Glad to see Tom Bissell and Samantha Hunt on there.