Tuesday April 20th, 2010

Introducing “Imaginary Cormac”

cormac2Along with a very good friend of mine (a fellow fan of Cormac McCarthy), I’ve started a Twitter page called “Imaginary Cormac.” It looks like other people have reserved or started similar pages, but we’ll be dedicated to making ours the go-to account for people who want to read fake Twitter posts by the acclaimed author. One has to dream. You can find it here. We’d love if you followed along. To give you a sense of whether you’d like to or not, here are the first five entries:

A new horizon crackles along the edge of half-dark like the dream of a malevolent God. Twitter you think you are ready. You are not ready.

In the red gloaming a dwarf amanuensis crawls through the sagebrush kindling fire as he goes. Or Herb’s kid got ahold of some sparklers.

Polenta sticks to All-Clad pans like the afterbirth of some chthonic creature not yet named.

Impossible to capture the God-rapture of horses and thunder in 140 characters. Maybe 150.

Just finished a creosote and peyote omelette. I’ll be in the shed for a few hours.