Wednesday April 7th, 2010

In the Ether

john-gall-photo2John Gall shares a slew of great “anonymous photos, usually found at flea markets, garage sales, on ebay, etc.” He was going to collect them in a book, but thinks the market is now “flooded with similar material.” I don’t know. I’d still buy it. . . . Roger Lathbury tells the riveting story of how he almost published a book by J. D. Salinger in the mid-1990s. (“There was never talk of an advance, and although he did not want the book aggressively priced, he had told his agent, generously, to let me make some money on it.”) . . . Caustic Cover Critic previews four books, brief histories of various literary genres. They sound interesting, but it sounds like their publisher isn’t reliable about hitting announced release dates. . . . Also via the CCC, this terrific cover, which follows in the footsteps of this terrific cover. . . . Keith Richards owns thousands of books, thinks about organizing them by the Dewey Decimal system, and wants to be a librarian. I’m not kidding. . . . Speaking of thousands of books, this thought from Augustine Birrell: “To be proud of having two thousand books would be absurd. You might as well be proud of having two top-coats. After your first two thousand difficulty begins, but until you have ten thousand volumes the less you say about your library the better. Then you may begin to speak.” . . . Elijah Jenkins at Flatmancrooked recommends 10 indie publishers (and 10 books by them).