Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

In the Ether

pm-douceIn 1975, a woman named P. M. Doucé, believing a psychic who told her she was “the conduit for the posthumous creations of none other than T. S. Eliot,” self-published a book of poems called Incredible Alliance. . . . The Rumpus interviews Sam Lipsyte on the publication date of his new novel, The Ask. (Second Pass review coming soon-ish.) Find out about whom Lipsyte hilariously says, “He’s doing groundbreaking blurb work.” . . . Meredith Blake summarizes the history of opinions about Eva Braun, Hitler’s boo, and looks at a new book that “tackles some of the more persistent Braun myths head-on.” . . . The Believer has announced the list of finalists for its annual book award. . . . An art student designed four lovely covers for Jules Verne novels. . . . The book world’s version of March Madness, the Morning News’ Tournament of Books, is right around the corner. (My choice for best first-round matchup: Wells Tower vs. Nicholson Baker.) To get us ready, Andrew Seal crunches some stats from past tourneys for clues to this year’s possible results. . . . The Los Angeles Times is granted a rare visit with John McPhee. . . . This has nothing to do with books, but it seems worth noting that the recent earthquake in Chile may have shortened the average day on Earth by 1.26 milliseconds.