Wednesday February 24th, 2010

A Hell of a Way to Quit

paula-foxThe Rumpus has a lengthy interview with Paula Fox. A piece:

Fox: I was assaulted in Jerusalem. I’m trying to write about that. It’s taken me twelve years to get around to it, but it did stop me from smoking. I saw a story in the Times that scientists had discovered the addiction center, which is a prune shaped little thing in the right side of the brain. That was hit during the attack. I was struck to the ground and spent a month in the hospital. Apparently it’s the addiction center for tobacco and well as other things. And I’d been to smoking groups. The neurologist told me that was a hell of a way to quit. [. . .]

Rumpus: It’s been hard to write about till now?

Fox: Yes. I haven’t avoided consciously but I didn’t want to confront certain things. It certainly changed me a lot.

Rumpus: Will it be part of a new memoir?

Fox: Oh no, I think I’ve written all the memoirs I’m going to write.