Wednesday February 24th, 2010

In the Ether

playback-by-chandlerAs always, Dan Wagstaff provides endlessly rewarding links—this time, to 10 great Flickr groups for book design and inspiration. . . . These rules for writing fiction by luminaries have been making the rounds. Many are entertaining, though maybe only this one by P. D. James strikes me as universally applicable: “Read widely and with discrimination. Bad writing is contagious.” . . . The Millions interviews John Banville. (“There’s no message. I constantly say one of my absolute mottos is from Kafka, where he says the artist is the man who has nothing to say. I have nothing to say.”) . . . The New Statesman interviews Clive James. (“They say the first person who’ll live to 150 is already alive, but I’ve got a feeling it’s probably not going to be me.”) . . . Independent publishers crow about some of their upcoming spring releases. . . . The Los Angeles Times has announced the nominees for its annual book prizes. . . . Elif Batuman says the latest literary mash-up, Android Karenina, isn’t as far from Tolstoy’s original intentions as you may think. . . . Alex Ross has unveiled the cover for his next book, out in September. . . . David Alpaugh laments the surfeit of poetry these days.