Tuesday February 9th, 2010

News from Spam World

Thank you to anyone who’s ever commented on this blog. The vast majority of comments are from spambots, and I delete them in bulk. Frequently. I have to say, though most spambots leave crazy links or very brief, generic sentiments (”Very interesting post. I’ve bookmarked you!”), some rise to the level of demented poetry:

Hi, nice post. You will date when you are easy and that is not unusual or funny. You take the outside friends if they are stimulating fun of you. It will be serious, but maybe you should make new admirers. Ones that will aid almost you and not make fun of you for being moral and mature about geological dating. I have to say that being 18 and never in a kinship is fairly normal. Soon you will go to college and believably date there but until then, commend that you are special and no one specially your “friends” should be making fun of you for that.

So true.