Thursday January 14th, 2010

In the Ether

sherlockThe Caustic Cover Critic’s hilarious series of posts about Tutis, a publisher that takes public-domain works and puts ridiculously inappropriate covers on them. Lots of laughs. . . . Daily Design Discoveries has a slide show of a prettier bunch. . . . Elvis would have been 75 last week. To mark the anniversary, John Gall posts a whole mess of book covers featuring The King, including Invasion of the Elvis Zombies. . . . Sadly, the Book Design Review has gone on “indefinite hiatus.” A good excuse to look through its archives. . . . A ship that had been “carrying affordable books to ports throughout the world” since 1978 has been grounded by a new law. . . . Peter Ginna, now at Bloomsbury Press, once received a manuscript along with a pair of shoes he had ordered from Land’s End. . . . Surely, we can’t do worse than Android Karenina, so now this nonsense can stop, right? Right?