Tuesday January 5th, 2010

Where Are They Now?

Hilary Mantel writes about what Cinderella’s life may have been like after 20 years of marriage. This spurs Maud Newton to link to an old Carol Burnett sketch about an aging Snow White. And not-entirely-unrelated, news of a possible Wizard of Oz sequel about Dorothy’s granddaughter, potentially written by Todd McFarlane, famous for comic books, action figures, and video games, who said a few years ago: “My pitch was ‘How do we get people who went to Lord of the Rings to embrace this?’ I want to create [an interpretation] that has a 2007 ‘wow’ factor.” Yes, how could you possibly get people to embrace The Wizard of Oz? I wish we could make a culture-wide resolution in 2010 to leave the sacred past alone — no Dorothy descendant inspired by Lara Croft, no Great Expectations “rewritten” to make Pip a zombie, vampire, or avatar. Just to see how it feels to go a whole year with dignity.