Monday December 21st, 2009

“What feels so right can’t be wrong.”

potsieI recently suggested that Todd Bridges’ forthcoming memoir, Killing Willis, is an early contender for Best Book Title of 2010. Well, you can add another finalist to the list. Another collection of personal ads from the London Review of Books is being published in February, and the title is Sexually, I’m More of a Switzerland.

Meanwhile, there’s now a Twitter feed of LRB personals. Here are a few of the best from recent days:

I bet a friend £18 I’d find a woman here and have sex with her. Reply and have sex with me, I’ll cut you in at 37%. English Professor, 63.

I’m placing an ad in this column. Things are worse than I thought. Not as bad as they are for you, F, reading this and about to reply. M, 34.

The celebrity I resemble the most is Potsie from Happy Days. What feels so right can’t be wrong. Man, 46. Box no. 2480.

F,45. Ready to begin again with M willing to provide time-sheets/supporting documentary evidence for every minute spent out of the house.

There’s enough lithium in my medicine cabinet to power three electric cars across a sizeable desert. Man, 33. Officially Three Cars Crazy.

Many people carry scars from past relationships. Not me: mine come from Chinese buffets. Clumsy, argumentative dim sum enthusiast (M, 45).

There are 289 species of octopus. I can, and will, name them all during the act of love. M, 58. Box no. 6759.

I grazed my knee writing this advert. Accident prone F, 35. Box no. 4311.