Thursday December 3rd, 2009

Palin Write-a-Likes

palin-winkSlate has created a slide show featuring the best entries for its “write like Sarah Palin” contest. Runners-up include this one, by Kaylyn Munro, which certainly sounds like the way Palin speaks:

The minute I was on that stage in Florida with all those lights in my eyes and the smell of Alaska still on my fingertips and my family, too, all around out there, I was where I dreamed of all those years on the basketball court and in Alaskas’s God given beauty which we must cherish and use as God gave it us to use and in honor of the troops, also.

The second-place entry came from Steve Aydt:

Here’s a little news flash for your Department of Media: Superman’s parents chose life and he was adopted in small-town USA by real Americans who run our factories, harvest our meat-bearing animals, and wave Old Glory down at the courthouse and the churches, not in Washington D.C. by cynical power-brokers and liberal scientists.

Read all twelve finalists, including the winner, at Slate.