Tuesday December 1st, 2009

Insane Book of the Day No. 1

napoleonStarting in 1967, Stanley Kubrick was consumed with the idea of bringing Napoleon’s life to the screen. New York reports on a mammoth new project chronicling his thwarted attempts:

That obsession is laid out in staggering grandeur in Taschen’s new 23-pound tome Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made—a book as epic (indeed, it nearly is a coffee table) as Kubrick’s stillborn film, with a price ($700) to match. . . . The immense shell opens to reveal six smaller books, each with a different theme (costumes, locations, production) plus three small notebook-style volumes. There’s also a reproduction of Kubrick’s screenplay, the first he’s known to have written on his own.

If you’re nutty and/or wealthy enough to want more details, they can be found here. Per this post’s headline, a post about another insane book will be up later today, this second book representing a different, even richer flavor of insanity.