Thursday October 8th, 2009

Mascot Tells All

mrmet_290x315The man who played the mascot Mr. Met from 1994-1997 is hoping to sell a book about his experiences. In his answer to the question below (from this interview), he starts by showing a sense of humor about (and a knowledge of) the current publishing biz:

Does your book proposal contain shocking revelations like mascot groupies or mascots injecting one another with performance-enhancing drugs?

Mr. Met is actually part-zombie and part-vampire. That’s not true, but I hear that’s the only way to get a book sold these days.

Seriously, part of the reason I wanted to write a book about my time as a professional mascot is that most people have no idea what a mascot actually goes through on a regular basis. In my four years on the job, I was abused by players, reprimanded by umpires, nearly trampled to death by exuberant parade-goers,  and even had my life threatened by Secret Service agents. Not to mention that I once a encountered a very gruesome naked celebrity.