Monday September 21st, 2009

A Long-Running Series, All In One Spot

For five years now, UK blogger extraordinaire Norman Geras has been curating a Writer’s Choice series, in which writers expound on some of their favorite books. Now, he’s put together an index for the entire series. There are well over 200 entries, with contributors including Philip Pullman, Christopher Hitchens and Alain de Botton. Several friends of The Second Pass have added their talents to the mix, so I point you to those in particular: Jon Fasman on his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes; Jason Zinoman on the criticism of Pauline Kael; Jennifer Szalai on an illuminating work of philosophy; Carlene Bauer on Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth; the “Charles” exacta of Bryan Charles on Charles Portis; Edward McPherson on his annual habit of rereading Poe; Robert Westfield on Dostoevsky’s “brilliant comedy of spite,” Notes from Underground; and yours truly on David James Duncan’s The Brothers K.