Tuesday August 18th, 2009

Collins Talks Bard and More

shakespearepa_449x600In a wide-ranging interview, Paul Collins discusses the effect of technology on the history of writing, what print-on-demand might mean for chain bookstores, the subject of his next book (the coverage of a gruesome crime in 1890s New York that “was sort of the beginning of yellow journalism”), and the subject of his current book, Shakespeare:

I don’t think there’s any way he could have known that people would be reading [his work] hundreds of years later [. . .] someone can write something now and think, ah, people will be reading my work in hundreds of years, but that just didn’t happen back then, to anyone writing in English.

And speaking of Shakespeare, an argument that his character was “what one can only describe as Christ-like.”

(Collins interview via Books, Inq.)