Tuesday August 4th, 2009

Nuke Duke Nukem

dukenukem3dThe Second Pass’ influence has reached the gaming world. The terrifically named site Crispy Gamer was inspired by the recent canon trimming done around here to write about overrated video games.

Taking on GoldenEye 007, a game from 1997, Kyle Orland writes: “. . . looking back now, the largely empty environments, blocky, grainy graphics and lack of a second analog stick make the game seem almost prehistoric.”

I don’t know what a second analog stick is, but yeah, the lack of it sounds lame.

Writing about a game called Duke Nukem 3D, Chris Buecheler says, “The game’s vaunted ‘interactivity’ consisted of being able to flush toilets and hand dollar bills to strippers.” I would say that’s more than I got from White Noise, but I don’t want to reopen old wounds.

But wait, Ryan Kuo saves the best for last. His answer? “Every game”! So, to our detractors: At least we didn’t say every book…