Monday June 8th, 2009

All Jane, All the Time

Given that there’s a new movie based on her work being released just about every Friday and she’s been paired with zombies to hit the bestseller list, you’re probably not worried about the depth of affection out there for Jane Austen. But just in case, here’s Jane Austen Today, a blog that includes lists of favorite sequels to Austen novels, questions as to the whereabouts of actors who have appeared in Austen adaptations, and character “throwdowns,” in which readers are asked to vote on which actor or actress better played a particular character.

Speaking of Austen-inspired movies, I liked this, from a recent letter to the London Review of Books written by Kate Brayshay:

It is sad to think that there is a generation who, when they try to conjure Lizzy Bennet from the page, will have to fight back images of Keira Knightley pouting and pretending not to be beautiful in a mud-hemmed dress.