Tuesday April 28th, 2009

In the Ether

(Ed. Note: From now on, In the Ether will link to anything but reviews of books in other publications. Reviews will have their own round-up post, as yet untitled.)

Speaking of Geoff Dyer, an interview with him. “I’m really not interested in entertaining the troops and can’t imagine anything worse than being a so-called comic novelist. I never read comic novels: I almost never find them funny because they’re always holding up this tacit sign saying ‘LAUGH NOW’ so one sits there, grim-faced.” . . . How an unrequited high school crush put Cristina Henriquez on the path to becoming a writer. . . . Jessa Crispin of Bookslut fame is packing up and moving away from Chicago. She writes: “I think that maybe I treat cities like relationships, and one day I just wake up and realize it’s over.” To find out her landing place, click here. . . . The Caustic Cover Critic assesses a new line of redesigned classics. I’m partial to the look for In Cold Blood.