Friday November 20th, 2009

“Simple man, simple needs.”

tom-jerryThe London Review of Books personal ads that I shared a couple of weeks ago seemed popular. So here are three more. I’ll try to post a few every now and again:

Do you enjoy attending classical jazz concerts? Do you ever close your eyes and pretend you’re watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon? Me too! Inexplicably single Miles Davis, Hanna-Barbera enthusiast (M, 78) seeks giggling brass fan. No strings. Box no. 22/03.

I enjoy a neatly ironed trouser and women who carry the scent of spicy chorizo. Simple man, simple needs. 40. Box no. 21/02.

I passed up an opportunity to attend the 2009 International Biscuit Convention in Warsaw to write this ad. And I really like biscuits. And conventions. Warsaw, not so much. Biscuit convention-loving, Warsaw-indifferent man, 46, WLTM F to 50 with biscuit-baking/convention-hosting talent who preferably doesn’t live in Warsaw. Box no. 21/10.