Monday July 20th, 2009

Track Lit

overheated-by-barbara-dunlop2If you’re looking for a gag gift for any readers in your life (or an earnest gift for the semiliterate in your life), I point you in the direction of a series of NASCAR-based romance novels. The titles are what you might expect: Running on Empty, One Track Mind, Speed Dating, etc. The subtitles aren’t much more creative: “Trouble never looked so good,” “The chase is on,” etc., though there is one curveball: “Can he move from racetrack to dad track?”

The books include lovely physical description (“a masculine chin, one that was really, truly square”) and keen psychology (“When she stomped her foot, his gaze was drawn, by no more than force of habit, to her cleavage”).

I think my favorite cover is this one. You can really see them searching for her family. (A gallery of all the covers is available here.)

(Via The Morning News)