Monday May 11th, 2009

The Beat

who-is-mark-twain-cover_final-300x443Maud Newton, Mark Twain fan nonpareil, reviews a collection of the author’s previously unpublished writings. . . . Andrew Sullivan admires Robert Wright’s forthcoming The Evolution of God. (While we’re on the subject of evolution, the Times’ mug shot of Sullivan is in serious need of updating.) . . . Lingering on the subject just a bit longer, here’s Richard Lewontin on the “immense outpouring of Darwinalia” upon the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species. . . . Bryan Burrough reviews two new books about Bonnie and Clyde, “as rancid a pair of ne’er-do-wells” as America has ever celebrated. . . . Colm Tóibín examines the correspondence and friendship between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. . . . A look at how Branch Rickey attempted to start a new professional baseball league in the 1950s.